Protection Charms

Charm for House protection, Snail shells, Privately owned UK Witch bottles, C19th glass bottles Miniature Witch Bottle. Ceramic. Bellarmine. Bachmann Witch doll poppet, salt dough. Privately owned Elf Shot. Obsidian Arrow head Childs Iron Shod Shoe. C19th. Privately owned UK


3 by Traicere on DeviantArt


A small film for the Museum of Witchcraft & Magic as part of their 2016 exhibition ‘Glitter and Gravedust – Halloween Past & Present’. The film looks at a variety of traditional divinatory rituals associated with All Hallows Eve, including divination by pouring molten lead into water, moon and mirror magic and the ‘Dumb Supper’….

Dissabte 9 Juliol- Museu d’Art de Girona

Dissabte 9 a les 19:30 al Museu d’Art de Girona estarem uns quants membres del Gremi de l’Art fent una visita guiada: Una Passejada pel Món de les Bruixes. Creences i prejudicis. qui vulgui venir a xerrar amb nosaltres serà benvingut/da!

The Woman and the Moon

. Anatomy Occult: The Moon moves woman ~ she cycles through the sacred her entire life long… -Via Pinterest I don’t know the author… let me know if you do?

Liv Rainey-Smith

Hedge Riders: “Midnight Ride Over Mount Hood.” woodcut art by Liv Rainey-Smith.

Witch’s Burr

Witch’s Burr, Loaded for Banishing and Reversing~ Also known as Witch Balls, they are a traditional Hoodoo magical curio used in protection spells, banishing rituals, warding amulets, witch bottles, mojo pouches, charm bags or to represent the Earth element on your altar. Use them to add power to any spell. from: Ritual Scentz

How to process Graveyard Dirt

Laurel, from the blog Unfettered Wood has a pretty good article about drying and processing Graveyard Dirt. (Image from Laurel)